Google Places Optimization:

The first step to make more money is getting more business and it all starts with Google!

Depending on your type of business, upwards of 67% of website traffic is coming from Mobile Smartphone visitors (Sept 2012 ComScore) UPDATE: .

The intent of the Mobile visitor is Local and the 1'st page of Google Places is your gateway to more phone calls or visits to your place of business.

We will: Claim - Verify & Optimize your Google+ Places listing. We can't guarantee a Google 1'st page listing but we can assure you that your chances of appearing more often and ahead of your competitor's in your local market is our goal!

Mobile Marketing Website Design:

We make sure your mobile presence on the Internet is Mobile Friendly.

"We did not make the color red, we made it brighter", remember that from BASF? We take top listed, high ranking established websites and increase telephone calls and visits to their place of business, by seamlessly redirecting the 30+ % Mobile Smartphone website visitors to a Mobile Optimized version of the existing website.

Your mobile website design differs from your desktop website from a technology perspective but more importantly, the people on the go have no patience. Think of it this way, your desktop website is a grocery store and your mobile website is the convenience store, quick in and out, call me now!

Our Mobile friendly and Search Engine Optimized site designs start at $ (yearly) and include monthly updates if necessary. The software gets installed (2-days) on your existing hosting services company so there are no additional hosting or domain name url fee's.

This does not replace your existing desktop website and only those who visit your site via a mobile device will be redirected to it which is currently about 20% or more of your total website visitors and growing.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Your current desktop website still needs to have ongoing optimization services as the search engines (Google) continue to advance on their search technologies. In addition, Google is now treating a Mobile searcher different than a desktop search and having an optimized desktop website will help rankings on the Mobile site. Our monthly services for desktop SEO start at $. We will provide a complete landscape analysis of your online presence as well as current rankings for your top 5 keywords and those of your top 3 competitors.

Just want a report?

Pay Per Click Services (PPC):

The fastest way to get on the first page of Google is by bidding. PPC is immediate and in the Mobile pay per click world, the current cost per click is significantly lower but recent trends show an increase in cost so get in while the click's are favorably priced! Our PPC services monthly fee is a combination of a % of client ad spend + a monthly management fee of a minimum of $ and a one time $ setup fee.

A relative new and unknown feature within Google Adwords, ties in your Google Places listing for even more real estate and 1'st page exposure.

Smartphone App Development:

We have partnered with an amazing App developer and if you thought the price to have your own company App was out of touch, think again. It takes Apple about 10 - 15 business days to get approved but on the Android side, they take as little as 3 days, again, what are you waiting for... It's your App to own with a nominal monthly hosting service!

SMS Marketing:

We will create an SMS Marketing keyword on one of a number of short codes and program the response you want it to send back, and your keyword is live. Create keyword campaigns for SMS text Coupons, Virtual Business Cards, to help capture email, deliver pictures back in response, send 2 messages at once, or even capture comments in one of a couple different ways. Want to notify someone when they text in to the keyword? Just enable lead notifications so that when someone texts in to the keyword that the SMS keyword owner gets either an instant sms text message, email, or both stating that someone had just text their keyword and provides the phone number for instant follow up.

Appointment Reminders:

The Appointment Notification module allows for 2-way messaging and can deliver to entire groups, or one phone at a time. With these abilities and more, the system is used not just for appointment reminders, but for internal communications for nationwide companies, religious group messaging, and much more.

SMS Blasting:

The SMS blasting function allows users to select from permission based SMS Marketing databases of phone numbers and schedule messages to be sent to them immediately or in the future.


The Auto-Responder feature enables a us to create a SMS keyword and schedule future messages that automatically happen based on the time and date that the keyword is engaged with. Trigger unlimited future SMS Marketing messages off of the initial engagement via text to the keyword. Examples of real world deployment would be an oil change service business running a Point of Sale SMS Marketing campaign, getting users to text to receive an instant coupon for the next time they visit. They get an instant text back, and also receive a message exactly 90 days later giving the coupon for their next visit. Other messages may be scheduled at 180, 270, or 360 days into the future based off of the initial SMS Marketing engagement.

Mobile Couponing:

Businesses everywhere are looking for more economically and environmentally friendly ways of delivering their coupons. If those coupons also happen to have a 97% open and read rate, and redemption rates that approach 17% in some circumstances, that just makes them that much better! As 92% of the population in North America have a cell-phone that is capable of receiving text messages and over 84% are regular texters, mobile coupons have the highest reach if they remain inside the SMS/Text itself.

QR Codes:

QR Codes on demand for any and all campaigns. Create keyword campaigns and our system will automatically generate a QR code that, when scanned, will populate the text message including short code and message into the text itself.

Voting and Polling:

Whether starting a Voting/Polling from a SMS keyword, or blasting out to an existing group, every business loves the opportunity to get feedback from their clientele. Voting/Polling allows a user to create a question and define the possible responses. Once people select their choice via text, the platform records those responses. Advanced features of SMS Marketing Voting/Polling allow for a user to post results LIVE on a digital display, run the results to the web via an RSS feed, send results back to the recipient via text in real time, and even capture email from people participating in the campaign.


Create other great SMS Marketing engagements with the ever popular Text-to-Win. Users can select every 9th winner (or a number of your choice), or the secondary option to choose one lucky person at the end of a time frame. Winners get notified (as do the business owners that will be awarding the prize), and losers get pre-determined consolation text. Many advanced marketing options are built into this robust SMS Marketing campaign including the ability to capture email at the time of entry, deliver variable results, enable or disable the ability to re-enter contests, removal of winners from future campaigns, and much more.


95% of smartphone users looked up local information, and of those, 61% called and 59% visited the business.

Our application offers the gateway to creating mobile shoppers for any businesses. Delivering a text-message (SMS) right to current and potential customers at exactly the right moment, giving them a link to a mobile website/app right on the text itself, and that link takes them right to a shopping page where they can instantly check-out with their purchase after inputting the credit or debit card is mCommerce.

Virtual Punch Card:

Everyone from Bowling alleys to sub shops utilize the punch card to drive and encourage customer loyalty. Only one of the problems related to this is the fact that people lose them. Combine that with environmental problems, fat wallet syndrome (think George Castanza), and people failing to even remember they even have them, and you will find a program that can be dramatically optimized using mobile.

For any company that is using a loyalty card program, we can immediately decrease the cost of each card, decrease fraud, and help build a digital database all while increasing repeat customer visits and overall increased receipt transactions.

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